Advanced Personal Trainer

Advanced Personal Trainer for health, fitness and weight loss. Programs designed with your goals in mind; helping you achieve your desired results. Will Schneider will provide an exceptional, customized, and caring service to help each and every client reach their full potential. I have the highest commitment to staying informed so that I can continue to deliver excellent advice while being responsive to the needs of my clients. Your success is my success.

Working with clients at all levels. I look at each person as a complete entity (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and am highly-qualified to assess and stabilize those problem areas that need correcting. Efficiently. Effectively. I will train you out of the comfort of your own home or building gym, saving you time and money. I have the means of covering every body part from head to toe; using free weights, exercise bands and stability balls along with my aerobic training you will get fast results!

I can design you a custom-made program and answer all of your questions about the most result-producing techniques. I will offer a lifestyle of well-being as I guide you toward achieving your goal to correct diet and supplements (what really works) and fat loss. I will continue to work with you as your one-on-one Personal Fitness Trainer to insure you make maximum gains.

Muscle Building- Shocking The Muscles To Grow
Always try to "trick" your muscles into growth. You never want to do the same exercises, reps and sets for each and every workout. You always want to shock your muscles into growing and adapting to new stimuli, so make sure to always switch up your training routines, number of sets and reps for each training session. Also, make sure to train at a high level if intensity and really push each set to positive failure (barely getting the last rep up).You should always focus on increasing the weight lifted. If your muscles get used to lifting a specific amount of weight, then they will never want to get stronger or grow. Always try to trick your muscles with different reps/sets and keep your intensity levels up high enough so they always are forced to make changes and grow!