Will is the perfect coach! Within a few months, he helped me build up my strength and stamina.  My body no longer aches from the day-to-day strains of a busy life.  Will is also a pleasure to work with, and is a solid partner in reaching your goals -Daniela

I have enjoyed working with Will and I have greatly benefited.  He designs a program which is suited for your specific capabilities and helps you significantly better them.  Will has a very nice personality which makes it very easy  to work with him. - David Meyer

When I finished my first session with Will, I knew I found the right man to help me not only take my cycling abilities and skills to the next levels but give me the tools to be a contender. Will's coaching, specifically his first-hand, insider, knowledge was instrumental in helping me prepare for the World Police and Fire games. Will is THE man to go to in the New York area. -Paul

Will literally picked me up in Central Park and told me to get on his wheel.  From that very first ride, Will was generous with his time and advice -- as it related to my riding technique, my bike, and even cycling apparel.  I am relatively new to group riding, and Will had me ride with others who are about the same age and caliber, which helped boost my confidence.  He gave me several pointers to help me get the most out of my regular laps in the park.  He possesses a wealth of cycling knowledge and is unfailingly positive and encouraging. - Katy

Sometimes you stumble upon a coach who truly makes your training fun. Will is that guy. He helped me to build confidence in my cycling ability by providing positive feedback and celebrating small gains. I was inspired to perform at my best during our cycling sessions. Will is a master. Sign up with him and enjoy the ride.  - Ann Mehl

Will Schneider. What can I say about Will that has not already been said? Will is not only a great coach but a terrific motivator. He believes in himself and he has the ability to make his clients believe in themselves. While under Will's careful guidance I achieved many PR's. Will also proved a great ally to me when I was recovering from a serious injury - knee surgery from an injury unrelated to cyling. He was instrumental in keeping me focused and motivated throughout my recovery. He would go out of his way on off days to contact me and make sure I was sticking to the program. Now, with much thanks to Will - thank you Will - I'm back to where I was before my injury. I highly recommend Will Schneider as a coach and mentor. - Edward Matthiack

One of the best gifts I ever received from my husband three years ago was a session with my now personal trainer, Will Schneider.   All it took was one workout, and I was hooked.    Whether we have a one-on-one training session in the gym or are out on the road cycling with other clients, he has the unique ability to focus in on strengths and weaknesses and adjust the workouts so you derive maximum benefits and achieve your goals. - Karen

I began riding a road bike in fall 2005 after nearly 20 years away from any sort of bicycle. For me it was a way to heal a knee injured by running, but soon developed into a passion. I found a road racing team and began to train and race. Over the course of two years of riding, training, and racing, as well as a lot of reading of the available literature, I thought I had learned a good deal about how to train properly. However, my results were mediocre at best. After a crash in early 2007, I took many months off from training and racing and only in early 2008 did I begin to train again with the goal of improving my fitness and getting back into racing. I wasn't getting very far and thought a coach might help get me jump-started. I had the good fortune of meeting USA Cycling Coach Will Schneider, of VO2MaxOut.com. Will has vast experience in racing at the highest levels and in coaching athletes of various disciplines and fitness levels to achieve their best results. He is patient while demanding, knowledgeable and personable. In our first sessions I learned some tricks of the trade that will carry me far in any scenario: how to climb, descend, and corner more effectively, how to read a race, and how to think positively on the bike to create the best possible conditions for success. More importantly, Will developed a training program specific to my goals and level of fitness. Through thorough testing and evaluation he ascertained my weak spots, pointed out some strengths, and we got to work. Within a month I was feeling stronger than I had ever felt on the bike (mostly due to intense interval training; it hurts, but it's worth it!). After 6 weeks my power meter was showing significant improvements at all ranges (we're talking 10-25% improvement), so that each training session in effect marked a new personal best. Today, in a retest, I reduced my time for a 3.0 mile time trial at maximum effort by over one minute! Now as I embark on a European trip, I am armed with not only higher fitness but a deeper understanding of my own physiology, a training program to help me push my horizons, and an improved attitude about riding, training, and racing. Don't just ride your bike, train and train properly. Will Schneider will show you how. Sincerely, Jonathan Shannon, NYC

The Vo2 max man humbled my ass. When you brat me up Harlem hill with one Leg. You my hero bro. GOD BLESS THE VO2 Man! - Marc Acker

Thanks-for-your-help-and-inspiration! That's-awesome-man! I place 1st in my age group in 22nd Jun Jacksonville Sprint Series and 1st overall on the bike! 1/4 mi swim: 6:31, 10mi bike: 23:23(25.7mph), 3mi run:22:32(7:31 per mi pace). Take-care, - Dave Glass

Hey Will, Even though we didn't get to do any real intervals today due to the running event it was very worthwhile. Your observation and insight on my fitness evaluation test was exactly what I needed. This is the beginning of a winning partnership! Thanks for the workouts I'm going to commence this week and I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again. Paul

Thanks Will, You're a great coach and makes me want to work harder! I really appreciate all your help for kicking my butt once more on the course. I like the idea of being a cat 3 by next year. Something to work towards. - PM

Thanks for session today - I love sprinting - I am going to practice.... and get much better and ride my bike more...I had a great one...... I will see you next Tuesday for the same.....cheers ears...I will work with you once a week from now on if that works for you...... - Peta, NY NY

Since signing up with Will, I've come to understand the importance of training intensely yet still balancing such efforts with good nutrition and rest. I now feel confident and comfortable in my training regiment and know full well that I'm on my way towards the goals I've set for myself. I've improved upon all aspects of my skill set which has improved my abilities as an all-rounder. I look forward to the second part of my season in which I plan on tackling the big prestigious road and stage races of the northeast. Thanks so much Will!" Winner of the 2008 Harlem Criterium! Thanks, Shusaku

It was fantastic to speak and meet you this morning. Needless to say I was smitten with your charm and enthusiasm, and I am very eager to talk with you more. I am at a critical juncture in my life....and I would like to completely change my health and wellness paradigm. While intellectually I know what needs to be done, emotionally I have not found it within myself to achieve the transformation. Having spent much of my life coaching and mentoring others on matters of professional and business success, I recognize that I must find an external source of motivation to help me achieve my success goals in this important area of my life. In our brief meeting this morning, your words and manner resonated within me, and I instantaneously felt inspired and impassioned. Hence my eagerness for more. - Don

You crack me up. It was a HOT race. The swim was alright, the bike was great, and the run was TERRIBLE. SWIM :The swim is always hard to judge, because of the currents and such ... so although my time was much slower in the swim this year, I feel the swim went rather well. Only bad part of the swim was the jelly fish stings on my wrists. :) BIKE: With all your training, I managed to knock a full 10 minutes off of my bike time from last year! Thanks for all the hard work. I wouldn't have been able to make that huge drop without your help. RUN:The run, on the other hand, was a good 6 whole minutes slower than last years. I don't think I killed myself on the bike, I just think the heat was unbearable at that point. I just got drained by mile 2, and every mile got slower and slower. - DJ Gallagher

Since January 2007, I had the pleasure of taking the training sessions under the VO2 Max Out Program. This program, not only helped me become a proficient cyclist, but also was conducive to my achieving proper form (positioning on the bike) and my learning the correct mechanics of pedaling. In 2006, I pack finished (placing beyond 10th place) in all my races and was a straggler in the 2006 Golden Apple Bike race scheduled on (Saturday) 5/13/06. In 2007 after learning various proper techniques under this program, I placed in the top 10 in all my (8 of them) races and qualify for an upgrade to category 4 cycling competition by the end of May 2007. Will was very instrumental in helping me find how my body functions under high intensity work outs through the heart rate monitor usage, a very important tool in cycling fitness. My biggest problem was climbing the 110th Street hill in Central Park, but Will showed me relaxed and effective technique in climbing hills. After diligent work outs with my hill climbs, I am now climbing hills faster feeling less fatigue or pain or both.Finally, my sprints are faster this year compared to 2006. As a patient and encouraging coach, Will pointed out inconsistencies and showed me a step-by-step sprinting technique for various road terrenes. Will, I want to sincerely thank you because you help realize my potential and how much I can progress in this sport. You are great USA cycling coach, hard working, committed, and helpful to other cyclist. Keep up the good work. - Lyle C. Baron, West Haven, CT USI club member, since 2001

I started working with Will on June 1st of 2006. I had been riding on and off for a few years, but had no racing experience. When I told him that I wanted to try racing, he encouraged me and laid out a plan of how I would do it. He quickly assessed my strengths and weaknesses and created a personalized training program for me. Will not only has focused on my training, but also on adjusting my bike. He noticed my pedals weren't working as efficiently as they should be (which gave me so much power once they were fixed!) and also lowered my handlebars into a more aero position. Small tweeks that have made a big difference. In the 2 months I have been racing and training with Will, I have accomplished things that I did not think were possible. Will said they were attainable with hard work, but I didn't believe him. I did trust him though and stuck to the program. Since June I have raced in over 10 races (2 were stage races). Fitchburg was my first stage race. I was in field with Cat 3 & 4 riders. Although there were about 70 girls in the 3/4's, Will said that I should be able to place in the top 15 for both categories and the top 5 for Cat 4's. I thought perhaps he had some unrealistic expectations, but figured he had been right about so many other things, why not do what he says and see what happens. I did my best and placed 13th in the GC for the 3/4's and 2nd in the 4's, my category. He was right. Since Fitchburg I have been racing almost every weekend, trying to gain as much experience as possible with what little time is left of the season. I finished 2nd at the Lou Maltese race, 3rd at Unionvale, 3rd at the Doc Reilly Memorial Road Race, 1st at the Tewksbury Time Trial and this past weekend at Christiana within the cat 4's, I placed 3rd in the road race and ITT and 1st in the Crit. I recently discovered that I was ranked #1 in the country for Cat 4 road racing. I know that this is not only because of my hard work, but also because of who was guiding me along the way. Will has encouraged me to keep training hard and to believe in myself. Although the training sessions with him can be brutal, I look forward to the painful challenges that he creates for me. Before meeting Will I was just riding, now I am on a team, seeing results and enjoying riding more than ever! - Maria, New York, NY

I am cycling up Cat Hill in Central Park and this man named Will approaches me on his road bike and asks me how long I have been a cyclist. I told him that I started cycling a couple of months ago, and Will says to me, " I can tell you are new to cycling". Now, I have been an athlete my whole life, and I thought that I new exacly what I was doing on my Bianci. A cadence of 50rpm going up Cat Hill was going to make me a better cyclist. Was I wrong!! Will cycled a couple of laps around the park with me that day, and with his quick instruction on cadence and how I should approach the hills, I improved immediately. Training for a Half Iron Man in Florida, I knew that I needed Will as my cycling instructor! End result; I placed 15th out of 107 in my age group at Disney's Half Iron Man and 15th out of 107 for the bike portion of the race.THANKS WILL!! - Barbara Karo

I trained with Will one-on-one for 6 sessions. After this training I cut over 1:00 minute off my 3-mile time trial and increased my average speed by over 2 mph. From positioning, to pedaling and gearing, to nutrition, Will has the expertise to help you reach your goals. In addition, I thought I would let you know, I completed my bike trip. 440 over 5 days, 3 centuries. My average speed was way up from last year (1.5-2mph) and I was able to keep up with riders who left me in the dust last year. The hills were easier. Also, I really liked the Hammer products. A lot less bloating, less fatigue and soreness. Overall a real success. Thanks a lot for all your training. I'm going to work on my lower body strength and maybe next summer we can push me up another level. Thanks again. - Rob Saken NY, New York

Will was very helpful in making my trips up hills a bit faster and slightly less painful. He is very encouraging during sessions yet, at the same time pushing one to their individual limitations for the sake of progress. He is professional and friendly. I have recommended him to many friends who all share my view with regard to him. I will try to get a ride in with you soon but i've been very busy lately. I hope my note is helpful! Peace, Antoine Drye

Will, the gregarious person he is, picked me up one bright May morning in 2005 as I was struggling up Central Park’s “Big Hill” and he was entering the Park on West 106th Street for his ride. I was foundering in my hybrid bike in too big a gear and wandering all over. I could not believe his kindness, warmth and generosity when he tried to give me some tips. I liked him so much and felt that his skills were so amazing that I asked him if he could train me on the bike.

The rest is history. He has worked extensively and patiently on my technique – gearing, spinning, and pedaling, among other things and helped me become a respectable cyclist. Will absolutely and unconditionally loves cycling. Furthermore, he knows everything and anything about any and all bikes worth knowing about. He can fit a client for a bike, repair anything wrong with a bike and, additionally, build a bike. He made sure that I purchased the appropriate road bike in the proper size. During the course of working with him, I have improved my speed on the three-mile time trial he has tested me on from 13 M.P.H. to, last month, 19.2 M.P.H. I cannot say enough about him. Will is the greatest! - Irma, New York, NY

If I hadn't met Will, I would still be a slow rider, like I use to be. Will made me so much stronger in just a month, he pushes me to my limit and makes sure I get a good training before we finish. I have learned so much from him; from wearing the proper attire, to riding better and many things in between...Thanks Coach, Sincerely, Sergio Atocha

As a 66 year old fist time cyclist I want to acknowledge your contribution to making this a rewarding and SAFE experience. Your thoughtful professionalism and generous spirit made this seven day Butterfield & Robinson trek through Provence achievable even with the shortness of notice. Gratefully Rudy Lucas

Will's infectious enthusiasm permeates all that he does. His encouragement and disciplined technique have led me to faster times, better and safer bike-handling and improved confidence. - Victor

I was training in Central Park on my own when Will approached me. At that point I was constantly tired and I couldn't get any results, I was getting so frustrated, I Thought maybe cycling was not for me. So when Will asked me if I was interested in racing I said yes because I felt like answering "no" to him was simply not an option. And it’s been like that since he's my coach. On my 1st day of training with him I was doing 8:19 with a avg. of 21.6 and after 1 month of intense training I did 7:30 at 24.0 mph avg. And this is just the beginning! Thank you Will for making me suffer so much, it was worth it! I can't wait for the next season... - David Trump

I began cycling again about three years ago and loved "zooming" around Central Park maybe 3 or even 4 laps at a time. I was thoroughly enthused with the sport and fantasized about racing. The thought crossed my mind: Is it doable in my advancing years or way out of the question? So I did what many "boomers" have done... not the Mini Cooper S with the British Flag painted on the roof, but my own dream bike. But it squeaked! So, there I was one February afternoon in the park when Will rode up beside me and volunteered an opinion as to the squeak issue. In short order, Will solved the problem. Learning that he was a coach, I signed up for my first module. Will has proved to be not only a fantastic coach, but all of the following: empowering, supportive, caring, inspiring, nurturing, unwavering in his concern for getting the best out of his clients, and above all, a really good friend. When I'm out on my own, adhering to one of his training exercises, Will is still by my side, exhorting me to try harder, spin faster, and push that much more. I have a goal, to complete my first century, non-stop if possible. Will’s response to that aim was, "We'll do it together." Thanks for everything Will! - Colin, New York, NY

"Short and sweet." I am a relatively new triathlete who pretty much just started training on my own - with a history as a soccer player, spinning instructor and competitive swimmer from age 6-12. I had fun with the three tri's I had done, a sprint, Olympic and full ironman - kicked butt in the swim, did alright on the bike and well running was slow but steady - started doing marathons about 5 years ago and turned my body into a slow and steady sort of runner rather than the sprinter I used to be. Anyway, I was doing a training ride one day in Central Park, flying through the flats, downhill's and as usual getting passed on the climbs, I mean boogied-past ... not so great for the ego - but never hit me much as I would usually catch up to the passers on the flats. Anyway, Will gets next to me, we start talking while riding. He asks if he can give me some advice about my climbing - of course I am welcome to hear it. Turns out my style of going to easier and easier gears as I trudge up the hill is incorrect. In just 4 sessions of working with Will, I became an excellent climber, I mean nine times out of ten, I will pass anyone climbing a hill (I am blessed with great quads and hams as a 20 year soccer player), anyone!! So my pace has increased by 3 miles an hour just by improving my climbing alone! Amazing - and I rocked my hilly bike course for the Timberman half ironman this summer - I was psyched. Will is a great coach - committed, supportive, hard working and great!! - Krisztina Teglassy, NYC, NY

Riding and training with Will has been great. His first day fit improvement of raising my seat height 7/8 of an inch has stopped my knee pain and improved my overall performance. The importance of a good riding coach can not be over emphasized. Training with Will has yielded significant improvements that I had not been able to attain on my own. - Ned Grier

You have helped me tremendously over the last 10 months. I cannot thank you enough. You have taught me so much and I am so appreciative and feel lucky to have met you! When you get a chance, check out this weekend's results for the 3/4 women in Sturbridge Mass 1st place overall and Palmer Mass 3rd place overall. I am finally back after the crash! A great part of this accomplishment is because of you. I sprinted like there was no tomorrow. I think you would have been proud if you were there. Used everything you taught me. Talk soon! Maria I was first! Thanks for the training the past number of weeks. It paid off big time on Sunday (1st place overall in the NYS Bear Mountain Classic Road Race). Greatly appreciated. I can add that the focused work I did with Will Schneider (VO2maxOut.com) helped a great deal. I was always just logging miles but with Will it was focused efforts on strengths and he rides with you, not just e-mail training. Made a world of difference. - Stoffel Prinsloo.

After giving birth to twins, I was in need of structured workouts to make the most out of my time in the gym. Will was the perfect trainer for me. He is a great communicator which allows him to understand his clients' needs. He helped to push me towards my goals while still providing me with a structured and safe return to exercising. He is thoughtful in how he plans his workouts, and he provides valuable information to his clients about the exercises/techniques he is advising. Best of all, his enthusiasm and energy is contagious. - Kathleen

"I met Will as I was climbing the 110th Street hill in Central Park on my bike. He approached me and told me, in essence, that I was going about climbing all wrong. Then he gave me one simple tip that has ever after made me a much more efficient climber. I got Will's card that day - I could tell he would be a great teacher even from my brief encounter. Unfortunately, two summers passed before I called and scheduled formal training sessions with him. But I'm glad I saved that card. I had come from an athletic background, but two years of minimal training had eroded my fitness to deplorable levels. Will was patient and understanding as I struggled through his early workouts. He focused on the positives and showed me workouts to do on my own in addition to those we did together. Over the course of just over three months, I learned how to train effectively and my fitness improved immensely. My first day of training I covered three miles in 9:01, at an average of 20.0 mph. At the end of the training, I covered the same three miles in 7:35, at an average of 23.5 mph. I had also completed my first bike race, and am planning on several more before the end of the 2007 season. Many thanks to Will, as I would not have the fitness I do and would not be racing but for his efforts." Best, Sam

Will is a great coach. His knowledge of physiology and technique is excellent. He also knows how to push you to the right limit in your training. His coaching style is phenomenal. He is really positive and listens it into the workouts. I have had a lot of coaches in my life, and Will is one of the best I have worked with. I can't recommend him highly enough. - Kate Mackenzie, 2004 Athens Olympic rower.

BTW you are a GREAT coach! - Kristina