Athlete Spotlight

Marie DeRosa

Marie DeRosa is a professional pianist who lives in Manhattan. She is also a passionate, competitive cyclist. In 1999, at the ripe young age of 49, she got her first road-racing bike and joined local cycling clubs. Prior to that, Marie has no history of sports, nor does she come from a family of athletes. In fact, it is quite a fluke how she got started on the bike: “a friend left her bike in my apartment, and I began riding it in Central Park.”

During the next few years, Marie became a frequent participant of coaching sessions offered by Century Road Club Association, a Manhattan based competitive cycling club. As she ventured out to nearby races, impressive results began to show. By 2005, the budding champion was ready for U.S. Masters Nationals in Utah. She came home with two podium places.

Five weeks later, DeRosa was on her way to Austria. She competed in the UCI World Masters Championships, along with some 2500+ cyclists from 40 countries. Marie DeRosa became the UCI World Masters Time Trial Champion. She was awarded the coveted Rainbow Jersey, only 30 of which were given. She did in a few years what many strive for in a lifetime and never achieve.

Marie’s winning ways continue and her 2009 racing season is set. She will be competing at UCI World Masters Championships in Austria, US Masters National Championships in Kentucky as well as many State and Regional races. Her determination, focus and love of the sport are an inspiration to all ages and walks of life. One only needs to see Marie riding in NY’s Central Park, at races here or abroad, or as a motivational speaker, to see the immediate celebrity and respect given to the woman wearing her very hard-earned Rainbow stripes.